Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Punta Hermosa Beach, Peru

Located just 42 km south of Lima, Punta Punta Hermosa Beach, PeruHermosa is known for its numerous bays, reefs and world-class surfing beaches. Punta Hermosa is the most popular surfing destination in Peru, attracting thousands of surfers and pleasure seekers from all over the world. Punta Hermosa has waves of various sizes ranging from 3 to 24 feet, which makes it an ideal surfing destinations for beginners as well as advanced surfers. Pico Alto, the largest wave in South America, known to rise up as high as 36 ft is located at Punta Hermosa. The beaches at Punta Hermosa offer perfect ambience for relaxing, or indulging in varieties of watersports.

If you're looking for a nice break from the hustle bustle of Lima, take an excursion to Punta Hermosa. Truly a haven for surfers, Punta Hermosa draws thousands of Limeños and tourists, especially in summers. Among most popular waves in Punta Hermosa include Señoritas, Kontiki, Caballeros, Playa Norte, El Paso, La Isla, Punta Rocas to name a few. As most of the surfing spots here are reef point breaks, paddling out when it's big is not a problem. What's more, you'll find nice discos, bars, and restaurants on the beaches, serving delicious seafood, including the famous ceviche.

Though Punta Hermosa offers good waves all round the year, the best time to visit the place is summer from January to March. During summers the beaches here are crowded with locals as well as tourists. Travour offers you information and booking for beach holidays in Peru. Go ahead and book an exciting beach vacation in Peru, and explore the charming Punta Hermosa beaches with Travour.via

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Alona Tropical Beach Resort - Bohol, Philippines

Discover Panglao Island through the cozy and Alona Tropical Beach Resort - Bohol, Philippinestropical feel inherent in all Alona Tropics Fan or Airconditioned rooms. With nicely situated native style fan cottages, fan rooms plus newer aircon rooms and an open air restaurant along the white sand of Alona Beach, the resort is one of the better alternatives to a genuine Bohol experience.

Alona Beach is located in the south of Panglao Island. Panglao itself is south west of Bohol. Alona Beach is a famous holiday destination in the Philippines, particularly for divers who are lured here by the spectacular dive sites. Alona Tropical Beach Resort on Alona Beach offers many facilities for its guests.


Well designed Alona Tropical Beach Resort is under Philippine management. The resort offers 27 double rooms, 10 of them are located in a longhouse, 10 more are bungalows. All the rooms have private shower and WC, fan and a veranda. 12 rooms have air conditioning but no warm shower. A large swimming pool is available for the guests.

Most of the rooms are made from bamboo and nipa hut with single beds, chairs and tables, ample closet and big bathroom. It has a swimming pool which is located near the executive rooms of the resort.

It has good beach and the sand is regularly combed. It adjoins the Alona Palm Beach Hotel and Amorita Beach Resort. It has access to the higher place where one can view the whole stretch of Alona Beach


Separate accommodation can be offered for a yaya/babysitter which accompanies a family, in a separate native style building. The big bathrooms offer hot and cold shower, two lavabos, toilet and a dressing table.via

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Alona Tropical Beach ResortAlona Tropical Beach Resort
Alona Tropical Beach ResortAlona Tropical Beach Resort